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Winter Hours and Closure criteria:
For the Months of December, January, February, March
Venue Hours: Sporting Clays - Closed - Dec, Jan, Feb – will resume March, subject to closures.
Rifle/Pistol, Trap/Skeet, Five Stand – Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm

Closure Criteria:
The condition of the roads will have no bearing on closures.

Storm Closures: All venues will close if a storm is predicted, with at least 75% chance, to have 1” of snow or .5 inch of rain or 40mph winds (not including gusts). The closure decision will be made no earlier than 3 days prior to normal hours. The forecast shall be used for this purpose, and once a prediction of 75% chance of the storm has been posted, the range closure is triggered.
The closure will not be rescinded in the event of clearing weather.

Range Conditions Closures: The range shall close if the any venue has significant mud or snow on the range surface the Weds prior to a Saturday. Example: if the 100 yard range has such mud that it presents a hazard to patrons or staff or makes the range unusable, the entire range shall be closed until is has dried to an adequate state.

User groups shall be exempted from STORM CLOSURES, and are free to decide to use the range or to cancel their events based on their own criteria.

User groups must abide by CONDITIONS CLOSURES, and may not use the range during muddy or hazardous conditions.

Winter Hours!!

Range Hours Winter 2015-2016:
SUNDAY: 11am - 3pm

“Members must present their current membership card to use the range.  Members who do not have their card with them will be required to pay the standard user fee of $7.00”

Be sure to check the schedules for special events that may cancel normal hours.

Pricing Information:

$25 - Individual Membership
$45 - Family Membership

Venue Pricing:
Rifle/Pistol Range:
Free - Members
$7 - Non-Members

Flagstaff Trap and Skeet Range:
$6/25 Rounds - Members
$7/25 Rounds - Non-Members

Sporting Clays:
$6/25 Rounds - Members
$12/50 Rounds - Members
$24/100 Rounds - Members

$7/25 Rounds - Non-Members
$14/50 Rounds - Non- Members
$28/100 Rounds - Non-Members

Questions? check the FAQ page and then email to NAZ.RANGE@YAHOO.COM
Range location: 2000 Forest Service 128 Rd. Flagstaff, AZ 86004